We study new trends within education, media and technology, and transform our findings into strong ideas and usable knowledge.



Mehlsen Media is a research company specialized in educational media as well as digital children and youth. We help organizations to obtain new knowledge about children and young people, and develop strategies that put knowledge into practice. We call ourselves brokers between research and practice.

We study the younger digital generations;  The Smartest Generation who grow up surrounded by smart technologies.  Through research and analytical journalism, we assess the correlation between media, technology and learning - and how we get the best and smartest results out of the fast developing technological impact on society. 

We create quality content, concepts and strategies for various organizations and companies in the educational and media sectors. Our methods come from a wide range of academic traditions: communications and media studies, sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy and ICT.

Mehlsen Media is founded by Camilla Mehlsen and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but available for work worldwide.


Who are we?

Camilla Mehlsen

Owner and director of Mehlsen Media, speaker and author. Camilla is specialized in digital children and youth culture and in media development. She is external consultant at The Danish Evaluation Institute and head of the didactics team of the Digital Education Programme at the Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Camilla is the author of several books. Her recent book The Testpilots of Technology is a research-based investigation of the the impact of technology on the younger generations and their learning.

Camilla's book The Globalists explores what globalization means in various industries - from shipping to fashion - and how it transforms the lives of you and me.

Camilla has written extensively on education, culture and technology. Her work has been published in various newspapers,  magazines and journals, e.g. Fortune Magazine, (inside) Design Magazine and Politiken. During 2005-2015 she was the editor of Asterisk, the leading Danish magazine on educational research published by the Danish Institute of Education, Aarhus University.

She is an experienced speaker and moderator on education, learning and media trends. She has interviewed hundreds of leading international thinkers, such as Francis Fukuyama, Robert D. Putnam, and Barbara Fredrickson.

Camilla holds an MA in Nordic Philology and Communications from University of Copenhagen and has also studied at Université Charles de Gaulle and South Georgia College. Fluent in Danish and English and knows German and French.

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Our clients

At Mehlsen Media we work with a broad variety of clients.

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